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Franz Porcelain Glass

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Franz Porcelain

Up High Collectible Dolls & Fine Glass is an independent retailer of Franz Porcelain.

If you are looking for a specific piece, please contact us, and we will make every effort to locate it for you. To see the catalog items in stock, click on the links to the left. Click on Franz Porcelain Web Site for complete catalogs.

About Franz Porcelain

Chinese pottery has always been an important part of Oriental culture and with Franz Porcelain it is evident that this story will continue in the 21st century.

Throughout history, the masterpieces of artisan-produced Chinese porcelain have been much sought after and admired for their excellent craftsmanship. However, in the early 18th century, fuelled by the demand for this exquisite porcelain, European mining and smelting experts finally discovered the secret of how porcelain was made. By their consistent attention and innovation, the founders of such prestigious European factories embraced their dreams to produce fine porcelain.

Created in 2002, the new brand, FRANZ , embodies the power of this cultural heritage. FRANZ absorbs cultural, artistic, decorative and fashion elements, takes the nature as themes and produces creative and unique items. It wasn't long before Franz Porcelain made its first breakthrough, when in 2002, it was voted 'Best in Gift' in a poll held at the New York International Gift Fair. A remarkable honor considering the fact that famous European brands had dominated the porcelain market for hundreds of years. FRANZ was successfully marketed to around 4,000 retail stores worldwide within a year.

Franz Porcelain is writing a new chapter for world-renowned porcelain houses. Franz Porcelain not only embraces Chinese porcelain's rich heritage, but also heads for a new era. Franz Porcelain is therefore not only a new and exciting way of producing fine home decor, but is part of living history.


Artist and Entrepreneur
Founder of Franz Collection Inc.

Francis Chen, founder and president of Franz Collection Inc., is recognized worldwide as a successful artist and entrepreneur. Following his vision to revive the Chinese porcelain art, Chen - who majored in German Literature while attending university and was given the German name "Franz" by his professor - adopted his college nickname and created his own collection of fine porcelain tabletop and decorative accents. His products can now be found in a variety of locations across Europe, Australia, the United States and New Zealand.

Since creating Franz in June 2002, Chen has made substantial investments in R&D and production facilities, and his team of talented artists is now recognized in the global market. Chen's operations include sculpting and design centers in China, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, as well as more than 4,000 stores in markets around the world.

Franz's design studio and operation headquarters are located in Taiwan, helping the country establish a reputation as a producer of fine porcelain. Chen has managed to maintain his competitive edge by focusing on creating unique and functional home accessories and gifts. This marketing strategy has been strongly supported by the Taiwan government, as it has brought recognition to the country and has helped support the creative industries that the government has been promoting.

Artistry and Technique
Inspired by the love for nature, Franz Porcelain developed delicate butterflies, fragile flowers, whimsical animals, and other motifs that successfully and uniquely combine traditional Chinese character with classic Art Nouveau designs. Every piece of Franz Porcelain blends the essence of Oriental culture with the styling inspired by Western artistry.

Franz Porcelain is created using the finest Chinese clay and glazes - and with a little touch of magic from the goodwill of the Chinese spirits of Fire and Earth! More than a dozen separate processes go into the production of the intricately sculpted Franz Porcelain tabletop, vases, and decorative accents.

Franz's talented staff of artisans has experimented with the many ways to glaze, decorate and fire ceramics for decades. Today, they employ traditional underglazing techniques as well as colored glazing, crystalline glazing and overglazing to produce unique and elegant products. Using the underglazing technique, the finest Chinese clay is painted with a subtle Oriental color palette, coated with a layer of transparent glaze, and put into a kiln for firing at a temperature of about 1,000 Celsius degrees. The end results are aesthetically pleasing, and create a distinctively stylish décor collection.

Every piece of porcelain that Franz Porcelain delivers to our valuable customers superbly illustrates Franz Porcelain creators' graceful design, intricate skills, and the desire for perfection. The company's continued investment in production techniques and highly skilled artisans will ensure that these unique designs can be recreated in fine detail and meet the market demand for home décor ranges.

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