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Berdine Creedy Dolls

2006 Vinyl Collection

2004 Vinyl Collection

2004 Porcelain Collection

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Berdine Creedy was born and raised in South Africa. She first worked with pottery as a hobby, and that led to sculpting dolls. As she sculpts she gets to know each doll. They have a way to tell her what wig they want, what color their eyes should be, and then after that, what color dress they want to wear."They are just like children with their own individual personalities," Berdine explains. Every aspect of each doll comes under Berdine's scrutiny. She is devoted to her work--heart and soul.

Her first creation won several awards.Year after year, she continues to receive DOTY Award and Dolls of Excellence Award nominations.

Berdine receives help with accessories from talented family members. Her mother, Helene Smit, an artist in her own right, crochets hats, shawls, and other accents that make Berdine's creations stand alone. Her daughter, Charlene, also contributes to Berdine's creations by making bears, rabbits, etc.

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